Not reading folder.jpg or picking up XML information

Summary of problem : Mojo 1.10.02 (MS). folder.jpg in movie folders not showing. Not being able to search on film actors, title etc or sort by genre in the films.


This is my first post and I am still trying to get to grips with the WD TV Live Hub Media Player. I was going to go with a Boxee Box at first until I tried one and although I don’t mind a bit of work I am not going to beta test it.

Any way to my problems (I will restrict those to just the WD box :smileyvery-happy: ) I am using Mojo 1.10.02 (MS)  and it is lovely. I have followed through the manual and the Mojo guide.

Used ThumbGen and I have a XML file with the cover images, Renamed the PNG images to JPG and have gone through each file to check them. 

My Movie folder has folders for each letter of the alphabet A, B, C etc and a # folder for numeric films. In there are all the films starting A in the A folder etc. You get the gist. I also have a !-Home folder for my cam corder home bits and !-TV with all the TV series.

In each folder I have created a file folder.jpg. In every folder there is one folder.jpg to reflect the folder it is in then the movie name.avi movie name.jpg movie name.xml etc.

None of the folder.jpg images in the Movies sub set show up. The only place where folder.jpg is showing is in the Music section.

Where I have no XML info for my home films I have a folder.jpg for there folders and that does not show.

With the films I have now got it showing all the nice Mojo cover sheet stuff with the ratings on the backdrop and the film information does show however the next problem is:

I can not search on actor or title or anything film related despite all the XML information being present in the movie folders.

Despite having scanned it all and created the relevant data do I now have to use the WD box to Get content info for each film? Surely not?

Apolgies for the long post but this is bugging me. Oh one last thing I have synced the content all over from the USB to the internal disk and I even checked over the network that the folder.jpg and xml files were in place.

Please please help thanks.


First things first.

For USER-SUPPLIED XML, *none* of the searching / filtering will work.   That’s a known limitation.

User-provided XML is NOT imported into the Media Library, it is *ONLY* displayed in the Gallery view, and that’s all.

So what you’re experiencing with that is the designed behavior.

In order to to get Searching / Filtering to work, you must do the GET CONTENT INFO via the Hub’s UI.   Only then will the correct info be placed into the Media Library.   If you wish, you can then replace the Hub-generated XML with user-generated XML with no ill effects;   the Hub-generated data will be saved in the media library, and the user-generated XML will be displayed in the gallery.

Now, as to the thumbnails:   Why are you renaming PNG images to JPG?   That’s a BOXEE thing, not a WD thing.

If you’re using PNGs, that’s fine, but they must be kept with the correct name…  



or whatever.


Thanks for the reply. A bit of a bummer having to manually then do all the Get content info in order to search on actors and genre etc when there is over 800 to do. Since I have them in folders I could just start on the A’s and take my time I guess :frowning: Shame as I thought after having done all the setup with thumbgen it would be all good to go.

I don’t suppose this is on the wishlist of things for WD to fix in a future update? The ability to read from current XML files and index them so you can sort and search on entries in the data? Surely it can not be that hard a task to implement? 

Re the Folder images I was under the impression that PNG images labled ,png do not work. In the Mojo helpsheet it goes on about renaming the .PNG file into .Jpg. This could indeed be the issue and I have to create either true jpg files or rename them back to .png? Yet the nice mirror effect that the Mojo MS sheets apply were png and renamed to jpg show on the folder gallery view.


@ TonyPh12345

Quote: Now, as to the thumbnails:   Why are you renaming PNG images to JPG?

Sure, the Wdtv Live hub will display images for files and folders using a *.png extension

Unfortunately though, it removes the alpha-channel transparency in the *.png (replacing it with a solid black color)

The *trick* workaround is to rename the *.png (with alpha-channel transparency)  to  *.jpg

Which the Live Hub will display with transparency. (this only works for files , not folders)

A well known exploit in the “Themes” forum.  (my theme uses this trick as well)

As Joey said, yes you do have to rename .png to .jpg. 

But it seems that your problem is that you are trying to do this for folders.  Folders do not work this way because folders will not display xml data, moviesheets (backdrops) or the larger thumbnail image.  This is a bug in the firmware and has not been corrected.

So, if your movies are in DVD folder format, then to have things show up properly you’ll need to convert those movies to .iso.  If your movies are in single file format such as .mkv, .mp4, .avi, .iso, ect., then all you’ll have to do is make sure that your movies are organized correctly.

They need to be organized something like this:

Action (folder)





Animation (folder)




Bascially, you just need to make sure that all your movie files are in single file format for everything to work properly.


Sorry for an age in replying to your last post. I was away and seems a lot has been going on in my absence. I am glad that I did not automatically apply the latest firmware as I see it has issues :smiley:

I have now sorted the folder.jpg issues for my folder layout and the mojo sheets look great. Shame the delay in loading the backdrop when it is local and I still want to be able to search on films by actor but one thing at a time I guess.

All the best Rob.