Not Possible to properly delete individual files

I have seen many people here with problems concerning deleting files, but dint find the answer to my problem yet.

I have a WD Passport essential harddisk. It is formatted for Mac and I have the privilege to read & write the disk. When I just got it I could easily remove files from the passport, but since some time it hasn’t been working anymore. 

What happens is that the file I try to delete (by moving it to the trash) seems to be deleted, but the amount of space on the harddisk stays the same. So after deleting I can’t see or reach the file anymore, but it is still using up it’s space on the harddisk. 

I tried to use a PC to delete the files, but since my harddisk is formatted for Mac, I can’t see my files on a PC.

I know that once or twice the harddisk has been disconnected in the wrong way because my computer crashed. Can this be part of the problem and is there anything I can do about it?


Hi, try going to the disk utility window and select the repair disk option. Check the link below for the steps.