Not on-line and the green activity light is flickering

I had to move some equipment a few weeks ago, including my router, cable modem, and My Cloud. When I connected everything back up yesterday there was no problem getting the network running and the PCs seeing each other and the Internet - except for the My Cloud.

As it’s not showing on the network I guessed there was an IP issue caused by the network being down for so long. So tried the short and then the long reset.

Still not showing on the network, but the front light is solid white, the network connection light is solid yellow, and the activity light if flickering green - reading through the community postings there a suggestion that the drive is too busy reindexing, caused by being offline so long and because I tried the resets, and only when that’s complete will it be available.

Does this sound right? And if it is any guesses how long it will take?

What generation of My Cloud do your have?

Can you access the Dashboard at all?

Even when it’s indexing, it should still respond, even if rather slowly.

The P/N ends in -00 so I’m assuming first generation.

The WD Discovery application doesn’t see it, no way to the dashboard at all.