Not getting alert email

I have two 2TB My Book Live and used to get alert email after the nightly backup job confirming the job completion status.  Recently I no longer getting any email.

I tried by testing the email function by adding a new email address and “Save and test email”.  I get emails to both new and existing email addresses.  But I still not getting the alert email regarding the job completion. 

What seems to be the problem?

What firmware do you have?

Do you get any other notifications from MBL on your email?

 I am at F/W : MyBookLive 02.11.09-053 : Core F/W.

 No notification at all.

Experiencing the same issue here (except I’m using two 1TB My Book Live drives).

Test messages are received by old and new addresses but no alert or notification emails received to verify successful nightly backup of safepoint. Both drives are running firmware: “MyBookLive 02.11.09-053 : Core F/W” which the Dashboard tells me is up to date.

The last email alert I received (other than tests) was about 3 weeks ago just before I needed to do a factory reset of MyBook 1 and restore it from the running safepoint backup on MyBook 2.

Any insight on what may be preventing the email notifications will be greatly appreciated.

My issue have not been resolved yet.  IE.  Only getting alerts from one drive but not the other drive.

I have ther same problem!!!

The test email comes through without a problem, but I get no automatic alerts from one of my 2TB drives.

If issue the command “/usr/local/sbin/ 2200” whilst logged in with “ssh” I get no Email alert, however if I do the same on either of my 3TB drives I get “Event title:Unsupported drive” which is as it should be according to the “/etc/nas/strings/en_US/alertmessages.txt” file.

This used to work until I reloaded the FW, is it possible I need to re-start an “sendalert” deamon, that for some reason has stopped?

Any feedback / help from WD would be appreciated?