Not compatible WD MYCLOUD EX2 to OS5 this possible?

Please Help…
(Sorry for my bad English, that’s not my language)

Is there a possibillity to get the both (empy en formatted) drives out of the WD MYCLOUD EX2 and put those two drives in a empty WD MYCLOUD EX2 ULTRA?
So I can use OS5???

I have just, 2 days ago bought a WD MYCLOUD EX2 ULTRA.
This one can get a update.

My old one, to use as a back-up for the new one looks like otherwise to go into the bin.
And that hurts a lot on my bankaccount because I have to buy than another ond EX2 Ultra.

I really hope it’s possible!

Yes, absolutely. And you can keep the old OS3 EX2 box as a local networked attached storage/backup device if you like, just with no remote access.

Yes you can remove the hard drives from the existing EX2 and use them in a diskless EX2 Ultra. You will likely have to repartition and reformat the hard drives once in the EX2 Ultra. Backup any user data from the EX2 to other storage locations before transferring the drives to the EX2 Ultra.

Yes you can continue to use your existing EX2 that is running OS3. Note you will need to have hard drives in the EX2 however. As the following WD link indicates OS3 My Cloud devices will continue to operate and be accessible on the local network when WD terminates OS3 support.

Support for your My Cloud and WD Cloud device is changing

Q: Will my device stop working if I can’t upgrade to My Cloud OS 5? Will I lose access to my data?
A: Once the services have been shut down, you will still be able to access the device on a local network. However, access through the My Cloud OS 3 mobile app or web app will not be possible. Email notifications also won’t be delivered. Devices that have auto-update enabled will receive a final firmware update to disable remote access and outbound traffic to cloud services. Then, support will end and you’ll have to use the local network to access the device.

If one needs remote access to an OS3 My Cloud after WD terminates OS3 support next April, one will have to use their own methods of remote access like FTP, SFTP, VPN, etc. and not the web portal or OS3 My Cloud mobile app(s).