Not All Video Titles Showing up in the List

I have my videos stored on my “WD My Book” and connected to my “WD-TV” Media Player. When I connect my “My Book” to my laptop, I can see all titles listed that I’ve added. When I take my “My Book” ext. harddrive and attach it to the “WD-TV” Media Player that is connected to my TV in another room, and open the “Video” category, not all my titles are there. What am I doing wrong? All my video files are either “mp4” or “MKV” format. Could it possibly be because of the “Title” and how its written? I’m lost as to what the issue might be.
Thanks for any and all help.


Interesting. I admit I have no help to offer, but I have a thread running as WDTV Media Player doesn’t update files when I update the d/b it reads. As I either delete files (videos) or rename files, WDTV’s database results in some files showing twice, under the new name AND the old, deleted one, for which a file no longer exists!

I admit this is different, but I just mention it because maybe on your thread someone’s answer may help me too as no-one has yet posted the solution for my problem. I’m hoping there may be some common ground, like for example, if WDTV’s database needs to be first cleared and then repopulated to get an accurate representation of what the titles actually look like! I’m right with you - it’s TOO, TOO, MUCH!

Yes, hopefully we’ll get a response soon with some insight as to what the problem might be. I’m in the middle of adding hundreds of videos and need to get this resolved ASAP.

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I have somewhat the same issue. When watching something from my external (my passport 1T) and pause for a length of time, when I go back to play again, the entire title is no longer on the menu…totally gone. So…i shut the whole thing down, bring it back up and…there it is! What’s going on? Any ideas?