Not all folders shown in my usb hard disk

I copied all my pictures folders to an external usb hard disk.

I connected the usb hard disk to my WDTV device and while browsing the folders using the device only a few folders are shown.

I connected the usb hard disk to my computer again to verify if all folders are there and yes… folders exist but the device only shows a few.

Maybe those folders don’t contain any pictures?  When I navigate under videos, my device only shows folders that contain video and doesn’t show my music folders.  Conversely, navigating for music doesn’t show my video folders.


The folders will only show if they contain applicable media.


All my folders contains jpg pictures.

The main folder name is Digital pictures.

Inside the main folder there are 250 folders.

The name of each of the 250 folders is the date of the pictures taken.

And inside of each folder the pictures taken.


It was my fault.

I was using the wrong option to access my pictures.

I was trying to access my picture folders using the “video” menu option in my device.