Not able to see .iso images

Hi guys,

I just got a WD TV Live Hub and have been adding some .mkv and .avi files to the internal drive without any problems. However trying to add .iso images doesn’t seem to be working. The Hub doesn’t seem to be able to find them in neither Videos or Files.

Am I doing something wrong?

How are you tryin to add them>? Via an external drive or thru your network?

The WDTVLIVEHUB won’t display files if you have incorrectly done the EXTENSION. Even if it was a TEXT file you renamed to “whatever.iso” it would still show it (though it would give an error trying to play it).

You either:

a) have not copied it, or

b) the extension is NOT “iso”

The best way to copy DVD’s IMO is these free programs:

  1. passkey lite

  2. imgburn

I do a whole bunch, then MOVE my WDTVLIVEHUB to the Ethernet cable (faster), then transfer the files from my PC. I then move it back so it’s on wi-fi and hooked up to my TV, then create folder and move files if necessary (or do that before moving the box back). Add “Content” if desired.

I believe you can DISABLE the option to transfer unsupported files to your WDTVLIVEHUB. (unsupported files are only viewable by using a computer to view the folders.)