Not able to access folder with password

For some reason I’m not able to access my folder with my username and password anymore. I have access and there are no other connection active. What can I do?

Are you able to provide an image of what you are seeing and what it is asking you for?

A four-second reset will clear the admin password, so you can access the dashboard and reset it.

As cat0w suggested, some more accurate details of the error message would help, and how you are trying to access, what model firmware/hardware you have, what your network configuration is, what device you are trying to access with (pc/Mac/other), etc. The more information you can provide, the better chance we have of helping.

Thanks, I’m able to reach Dashbord now, but not a folder with password. When I change the same folder to public, no problem. I’m trying to access My Cloud folder with PC (Windows 10).

The second half of that error message is probably telling you what the problem is, and what to do. Windows does not allow you to connect to a NAS using mixed user credentials. If you map the public share, it will use your windows user credentials by default. If you then try to map a private share, it will not let you, since you need to provide your MyCloud User credentials.

If you unmap all shares, (reboot the PC), and then map the shares, making sure to ‘connect as other user’ (or whatever wording win10 uses), and provide your MyCloud User credentials for ALL shares, public and private, you should be able to access all your shares.

Win7+ will reconnect the shares at startup, if you tick the option.