"Normal" Operation of Pandora

The only question remaining on my WDTVLIVE+ device is how Pandora should operate.  I set up my account via my PC per  instructions.  My recollection (this could be in error) is that when I fired up Pandora via the WDTVLIVE+, I got the home page, where you have an ability to select from a large number of stations, mix them, search for artists, songs, etc.  After playing music via their Christmas Music station over the holiday, I returned to Pandora via the player, but didn’t see the home page any longer, only the page that shows the stations I had previously selected.  I could not do anything on that page besides play one of the four stations showing on the page.  No searching, no adding stations, etc.

If I access my Pandora account via my PC, I can change my station selection, search, etc.  The newly selected lineup of stations does appear on the Pandora page when I open the account through the player.  But again, no ability to do anything but play from them through the WDTVLIVE+ Pandora interface.

Is this the way this is supposed to work?  Seems counter intuitive, as all the other internet services provided through the player have their own interace, which you access through the player’s remote control, not needing a laptop or PC or other connection to the service.

I posted this same question  to Pandora and got an email response referring me to the WD user manual. 

Although users here sometimes are frustrated, I find the level of tech support on this board — particularly in trying to understand how other manufacturer’s devices work and do not work with WD equipment to be far superior than almost every other site.  Cisco chat is so poor it hurts.  Pandora is typical: we have no idea; go ask your question  somewhere else.  There is no place on the planet you can obtain a technical description of how Blockbuster’s on Demand service really works, and even if you start a chat, you are dealing with a non technical person and you need luck to find one who actually understands the question you are asking.  Even Microsoft (at least Windows 7) has a habit of just supplying stock answers REPEATEDLY; you’ve struck it rich if you find someone who actually wants to solve your problem.

Just an observation.

I am marking this post as a solution because it appears from reading the WDTVLIVE+ Manual  closely that Pandora is operating exactly as it should.

I remain surprised that the online via PC user interface is so different from the one used by the WDTVLIVE+.