NordVPN on mycloud Extra 2 impossible

Hi .
After downloading the latest firmware on mycloud extra 2 I noticed that Transmission is avalaible.
I wanted to use it but I needed to let the wd be connected to NordVpn in order to download in a safe way.
Even if I follow the nordvpn tutorial for wd mycloud extra 2 and I transfer the ovpn files on the nas I’m not able to connect to my nordvpn account.
I have always this error :
Sun Nov 15 12:05:06 2020 TUN/TAP device tun0 opened

Sun Nov 15 12:05:06 2020 TUN/TAP TX queue length set to 100

Sun Nov 15 12:05:06 2020 /sbin/ip link set dev tun0 up mtu 1657

Sun Nov 15 12:05:06 2020 Linux ip link set failed: could not execute external program

Sun Nov 15 12:05:06 2020 Exiting due to fatal error.

No way to solve it so no way to use transmission.

Can you help me to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Did you follow this tutorial?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell much because I use ExpressVPN right in my router

Thanks for your reply.
You’re lucky.
You can run expressvnp directly on your router.
Yes I follow the nordvpn tutorial but no way to connect to any nordvpn server.
I wander if my NAS got openvpn software installed on it…

it does, otherwise you would have got another error.

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I have the same problem… Anyone have a solution ? :frowning:

The problem is the missing tool : /sbin/ip

You can find it at this location : /usr/sbin/ip

You can create a link like this : ln /usr/sbin/ip /sbin/ip

This should fix the problem.

The instructions were made using WD My Cloud EX2 FW Version 2.30.165

  1. Connect to the device by typing its IP address in your browser.

  2. Navigate to Settings, click Network in the left sidebar, and enable SSH under Network

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