Noobie question about Media libraries

Hi All… I’ve looked for a basic set-up guide but can’t find one…and the user manual is as much use as a chocolate fireguard…:cry:

I have an HP Microserver running Windows Home Server 2011 with various drives containing movies, music, photos and Tv shows.

I’ve set up Libraries in WHS for each of those, and they’re all shared with “everyone” on the network.

My network is a mix of hardwired and wireless, the WDTV is connected wirelessly (router is an N standard)

When i use the WDTV and goe to Videos, I can get a listing of the movies on my movies drive, but when I go to Music, it can’t find any media.

As far as I can tell, the movies and music libraries are set up the same, so where am I going wrong…?

Thanks in advance…


50 views, but no-one can help…??

How does everyone else have their media files structured?/

Are they all in the root of your “Libraries” in Explorer…??  in a subfolder…? in folders by album for music…?

As I mentioned, movies are about the only things that seem to work…  when I look in a music folder, it can’t find any media, and now when i try to open photos I get a “browse error”…

I’m ready to chuck the thing in the bin…