Noob Question

I’ve been setting up my media library and was wondering about something.  When I get movie info and the genre of a specific movie isn’t what I want it to be I’ve gone in and changed the .xml file and I’ll see the genre change on the screen but it’s like The Hub isn’t recognizing the change.  When I go to filter and sort by genre, the movie isn’t showing up in the genre I changed it too.  Also if I create a new genre (ex. Romance) where there are no movies in that genre The Hub isn’t recognizing that either and won’t create that in the list of genres to sort by.  Is there some step I’m missing to get The Hub to recognize these changes and to implement them and create folders and sort properly?

Thanks for any info about this.

User-editted XML is not imported into the Media Library.   It’s only shown on-screen.

Is there a way to update the media library then?