Noise like muffler rumbling or knocking


I have the 1T My Book and when I was imaging or backing up my system, I could hear a pretty soft rumbling or knocking and I could feel a slight bit of vibration. It has gone away, at least tempoaraily.

I read a review hat mentioned that it does make a slight noise.

I know I can return it for another but my question is, does anyone else have an issue with similar  noises?

I’d hate to send away and get the same thing because it is the natyre of the machine but hate more to have a defective one. I have a long time left on warranty and have reported the problem.

The tech said it should make no noise yet that review said it does.

So please let me know if you have similar sounds from yours.

Thank you

Same thing for mine. Clicking knocking and not visable on my computer. I believe its toast. This is the 4th computer i’m trying it on. Downloading the latest software now. I’m just interested in recovering my data at this point. WD My Book 500 GB

I just have those minor noises but I can backup fine.

Evereything is working except those little noises so I hope someone else jumps in to give us their opinion also.

Are you saying yours does not even work and you cannot see anything on the screen, or like me, it just has some noises?


If you want your data, go to “My Computer” and right click it. You should see the contents of the drive if you open My Book which you can copy and paste.


My 1 TB My Book does. JUST bought the drive and I’ve been backing up my files. And yes during reading/writing it would have that faint knocking or creaking noise that I think its closer to YOUR description :P. You can feel the soft vibration on the working surface and have to put your ear to it to listen.

It is not as shocking as an ultimate hard drive failure clicking noise but it is worrying as the drive is just a day old. Of course it would make diagnosis easy on a regularly used drive older say 6 months, but to have it ‘clicking itself to death’ from the first day with this tiny noises is worrisome and a bit too much.

Like TS i am contemplating to send it back to the shop for a RMA but am worried the techies would just say its ‘normal’ operational noise.

I’m wondering if it really is  manufacturing error. How old is your drive btw and where is it manufactured?

Hopefully some could shed light or post experiances here.

Sorry couldn’t post a solution here tho ^^;;




I sent the first one back after telling them that it was knocking; you should not get an argument and just tell them you have a friends whose drives are quiet- me.

Drives get noiseier not quieter.

I am sure you will get a new one.

My replacement was quiet bu the SmartWare was hanging and had to be removed which tech helped with.

I do not remember the name of the country and you should not be concerned with anythng but getting a functional quiet drive.

Besides a bit of a pain with extra parework it is not a big beal so just ask for what you are entitled to while to are under warranty .

Be sure to erase the contents of the old drive. Download and use either Eraser or  Disk Wipe.

Formatting does not adequately clear the drive iof information. Erasing takes a while so be patient.