Noise from WD Caviar Black 750 and 640...please

I had a new build from a repected shop in my town…

the first HD was the 750 and it died after 3 months on Pass 5 at 36% of a scheduled defrag… when I took my PC in the shop it got a “read element failure” within 3 seconds.

I just ate that one… because I was out of time for the NewEgg RMA and did’nt want to wait 2 weeks for a refurb from WD.

got a 640 in the same model and so far it’s ok but here is my burning question…

BOTH drives made “seeking” noises from the 1st time I turned them on…even clicking on IE would make the drive sound like 2 hampsters on the same wheel trying to run in different directions…is this noise normal?

I have this PC to basically be a $2,000 XBOX because all I do is game on it…even just setting at my desktop the HD will thrash around and the light will blink on the front of the case like I’m installing a program…I find it hard to believe I got 2 defective drives.

again…this one is making the same noise right out of the box as the other one…advice?

thanks !!!


Lets hope you dont have a 3rd dead one.

But I would be suspecious that the same computer ate 2 drives, have you taken steps to debug the main board if it’s at fault. Or some software (trojan/virus) trying to kill the boot sector of the drive.

Just a few thoughts for you.

my 640gb sata 3 caviar black makes the same noise at every load of files. even on IE… don’t know if it is normal…

I have the same problem with mine 640gb caviar black and its not older then two weeks

despite the noises it seems to work fine so far.

but the noise is still there, a little bit annoying, and i think this disk is not designed to be absolutely silent…

Yes it work fine but they say its a 113 mb\s and I only get 91.5mb\s so whats the problem here