No WD TV yet


I don’t have a WD TV yet, but im thinking about getting one. The only problem is i have a old tv with scart and composite input, will i get a normal DVD quality with composite to compositte?

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You mean DVD quality if you hooked up a DVD to your TV via composite?  The Live will produce quality ever bit as good as any device hooked up this way.

Or are you asking if hooking up ANY device via composite is DVD quality?  Composite is certainly not as high quality as component (which isn’t as good as HDMI) but given that your TV is old the likelihood is that it’s “as good as it gets” for that particular set.

I mean i have a dvd maschine, that is hooked up with scart so is this the same quality as if i hook the WD TV with composite?

DON’T buy the wd tv hd gen 1.

I have Wd tv live and it works fine (I dont know nothing about the Plus one)