No WD Smartware CD unlock option - I cannot open my drive

Hello everyone, I need help with my WD passport, doesn’t open anymore in my MAC, because of the update. So I’m trying to open in a Widows computer, but I don’t have the option of de WD Smartware CD, this is the message that I get every time that I tip my password:

#This Drive is not locked. To unlock a different WD drive. please open theWDDrive unlock cd associated with the desired drive, and them run the Unlock application to unlock the drive."

I don’t have that option of the Smartware CD, just don’t give that option. What should I do?
Because of that I can not have access to my drive. Any solutions? PLEASE HELP.


After updating my iMac to macOS Catalina I could not use WD Unlocker anymore. I downloaded WD Drive Utilities software and was able to type my password and it opened fine. Hope that helps you.

I strongly suggest you try the drive on a different computer. If you are able to unlock it there, please remove the security on the drive and then put it back to your PC. Hopefully the error won’t pop up.
Please make sure you install the SES driver on your system as well, I don’t think you will be able to unlock it otherwise. Here’s a link to the file and the SmartWare image file, which you can burn if you cannot find your CD:
What is the SES driver and why you need it:
If you didn’t back up any filles, you make use of a data recovery tool:

Hope this helps.