No virtual CD appears on My new WD My Book

I have a new My Book 3TB HDD (USB 3.0) with lastest firmware (3.002). Then I run WD Security to set up a password. After completed I turn it off and disconnected from my computer then turn it on again. When I connected it to my computer, no virtual CD appears. But I can run it from WD Security software that installed on my windows 10. This is a problem because I need to turn on encryption and be able to connect to other computers. This is normally accomplished with the unlock program on the VCD. Is there any way to turn the VCD on? I’ve try to use WDSmartWare_VirtualCD_Manager_for_Windows but it said “please connect a WD SmartWare drive to continue, then click Rescan”.

My old 7 WD My book HDDs with older firmware still work fine (virtual CD appears) on my windows 10 computer. What can I do with my 8th one?


Newer generation units do not use a VCD. There are units available with encryption management through WD Security.

Did you mean they removed a “Virtual Unlocker VCD drive”?

I’ve to download and install WD Security with WD SmartWare every computers that I connected it to?