No video or sound via HDMI output

I have the WD Media Player HD Live which I have been using for 2 months approx. This is the second one I have because the original one I purchased suffered the same problem.

When I connect the Media Player to my Sony Bravia LCD via HDMI, I am getting no picture or sound. This includes the menu also, so its like the media player isn’t even on besides the lights on the actual device. I have tried 3 different HDMI cables and 3 different tv’s but still the same problem.

When I use the composite cables (red, white and yellow) the media player works fine which makes me think there is a problem with the HDMI output port. ALL 3 HDMI cables are working because we use them to connect Xbox 360 consoles and PS3 consoles with no issues.

I dont want stupid answers like “maybe you need an update” or “try it with a dfifferent cord” because I have done all of these.

Connect via composite and set the HDMI output up manually to something you know your TV supports, don’t use auto. It appears that the unit is having difficulty into automatically determining the HDMI output and is making a setting your TV does not support. If you read these forums you will see that this a common problem.

Im having trouble doing so. I have plugged in the Red, Yellow and White composite cables and have a standard menu (not high definition). Should I ALSO have the HDMI cable plugged in?  

From there I go:

menu > settings > Audio/Video > Video output >

then I select HDMI and it asks me for “display resolution”. I have the Sony BRAVIA KDL-32W5500 and am not sure what to select. I chose 720p 60HZ (I have chosen all and i get the same error). The next step is “Color Space”. I have RGB high, RGB low (red, green, blue connectors?) and YCbCr. I select YCbCr and it always says (no matter which options I chose) “The connected TV does not support this resolution. Do you want to let the WDTV pick the best match automatically?” with the options cancel and okay. I have done every option with the composite cords in, and sometimes with the HDMI cords in also.

I have no idea what to do from here and am pretty keen on exchanging this Media Player for another brand. If you could help me out id really appreciate it, thanks

Plug in the HDMI lead and the composite lead. Set the TV to the composite output (not the HDMI). Select HDMI on the WDTV and set it to say 720p (which your TV should be capable of), now select auto on the rest of the questions. Now select the HDMI output on your TV. Do you get a picture.

I have had the same problem. Bought a WD TV Live and connected to my Sony Bravia 3 40W5500 (1080p)

I did not get anything through the HDMI. When I coneccted the component cables everything started to work.

I could download firmware and could play videos with 720p. I kept the hdmi connected. Sound went through the component cable. Picture I dont know.

I then bought a WD TV Live for a friend to her Sony Bravia Bravia 2 TV and there was no problem with HDMI and 1080p. It also worke fine on my TV.

I then returned my player to the seller. The seller could not get HDMI to work either.

I got a new one which up to this day works great.

Conclusion: Either is the Sony Bravia 3 TV sensitive for hdmi connections or it is the player that has a weak point.

Updating the firmware of the TV might improve things but since Sony do not taking any responsibility for updating I have not dared to do such an update.

I guess that you have to change the player if you want to use 1080p on your TV. You can also try it on another TV, not Sony.


No picture. I cant even access the composite channel while the HDMI cord is plugged in. I try to set it to HDMI and it won’t let me because it defaults to composite as the composite lead is in. I have set it to HDMI and before the last step plugged in the HDMI (therefore killing the picture on both channels) and selected the option (blindly) which results in nothing.

This is the replaced unit by the way, the unit I had when I made this topic has been returned. I am taking the unit back to the store (for the 3rd time) and getting them to show me it working on a store monitor and if they can’t then I am getting a refund and purchasing another brand media player