"No Video Found" Message - Video Still Plays

I have a 2TB WD Elements Play device loaded with ~ 100 short films. All are H.264 MP4 clips with AAC audio. For a couple of clips, an error message pops up on screen within about 1-2 seconds of commencing. On clicking “ok” the message dissapears. Meanwhile, the video is still playing in the background and plays fine after the message has been cleared.

Any thoughts?

Tried different TVs, HDMI cables, different Element Play drives (i have 3).

The same clip with the issue does the same thing on all 3 drives.


The 1st obvious reply … What does the “Error Message” say ?

It’s been a long time since I played with my Elements Play, but I think I know what you’re talking about.

Is it something like “Video Format Not Supported” or something?   Yet it’s playing, and you hit OK, and everything is good?

If that’s the case, yeah, I remember seeing that with certain videos…  Never figured out what it was about the video that triggered the message, but it’s obviously OK since the video keeps playing… :slight_smile:

The HD it’s 2.5" right ?? Try to use a powered hub… or powered hd slot.