No update, no shared folder


Since 2 days I’ve got this problem: I can’t see shared folder and I can’t update my WD TV Media Player.

If I try to update it says I should check my connection, but actually it works fine, because all the services like Youtube and Facebook works perfectly, and anyway in the info’s page I have a valid IP.

And if I go on the shared folder I used 3 days ago it keeps staying with loading icon.

Obviously the network configuration and the pc with the shared folder is exactly the same.

What should I do?

Thanks a lot!

Hello there,

Try to do a manual firmware update on the unit by using a USB thumb drive to see if you get the same results. You can try to reset the unit as well before trying to update manually.This link is to do a rollback, but it will help with the manual update of the unit since its the same procedure to make the update: