No Temperature Reading?

I have a new WD2500AAJS-60M0A1 drive that I installed in my computer after a hard drive failure.

It is set up with the os on a small partition with the balance being for storage. There is another drive in

the computer that I use for backups and general storage. I don’t have them set up in a Raid Array due to my personal


 My question is the secondary drive will show it’s temperature, but this drive will not no matter what

monitoring software I use. I thought that all WD hard drives had a built in sensor. I have used WD software

as well as others. Is there any way to make this happen or is there something wrong with the drive?

 I appreciate any suggestions or help that anyone can give. Hello to all on this forum. carp62

Can we see a SMART report? Try one of the following utilities.

HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

HDDScan for Windows:

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fzabkar, I downloaded Hard Disk Sentinel and it does give me the temperature as I wanted. Thanks for the reply and my issue is resolved. carp62