No Space on MyCloud EX2 Ultra

There is a red light on, and there is no space on the system when there actually is!!

I’ve run the script /usr/sbin/ on the ssh but it doesn’t seem to help.

It says INFO: checking model number
ERROR: invalid model number: BVBZ
INFO: exiting with no modification to the system

This has happened before and I had to reset the whole cloud storage, I do not want to be doing this once every two months! Please solve this.

What is the output of the following commands?

df -i
df -h

I have received the same error message as cintalee after using command in SSH. Is there anything else we can do to release inodes? Currenly it is showing i have no storage.

@cintalee @LTEE

Please provide the output of:

df -i
df -h

@LTEE this isn’t an inode issue.
Your 2 TB drive (1.8 TB Storage) is filled to 100% capacity

Thank you for your reply. We cannot understand how this could be. At best we see much less than 1 TB required. Would this somehow duplicate copies within the same hard disk?

SBrown, I have this exact same issue today with same “invalid model number: BVBZ” response, but my MD1 is the same as LTEE showing all used up even though Mac OS finder is still showing 260GB available