No sound

For some reason i am not able to hear the sound on a file that i could previously! and lately after downloading a new movie i cant hear sound on it either but it isnt always the case! whats going on???

What kind of audio are you trying to listen to, and to what is your WDTV connected?

Are you trying to listen to DTS? AC3? AAC? MP3?

Is your WDTV set to “Stereo” or “Digital”?

How is it connected?  Stereo RCA out?  Optical out to AVR? HDMI out to AVR? HDMI out to TV?

My suspiscion is that you’re bitstreaming AAC to a device that doesn’t decode AAC.  If that’s the case, you’d be better off stealing an AC3 version of the movie, instead of stealing an AAC version that you can’t decode.

Please post the media info of few of the movies that are having issues with the audio:

Follow the link below for information on how to do so: