No sound with avi files when streaming over network

Sorry, i originally posted int he wrong thread.  Just bought a streaming media player WD TV Live.  When playing avi/xvid files via wireless n AND wired I get no audio and the video is very shuttery.  If I play the same file via a usb drive on the wd tv live,  they play just fine with audio.  I bought this for this purpose, and to replace my other non-wd media player which can play avi/xvid videos over wifi just fine.  I am in shock that this dosent work?  I have tried about 20 different avi files all with same result.

Also with more testing, 1.3 gig mp4 and 9 gig 1080p mkv files seem to work with audio for about 2 -3 min, then they get all shuttery.

Is anyone else having these problems?  I have updated to the newest firmware offered in the wd tv live.  Is this a known issue being worked on?  Can anyone help me or am i just gonna have to return it?  Other than that its a nice device.

hummmm…  I wonder if its related to this since the avis use mpeg for audio.