No sound on youtube, TV Live, Help

on a TV LIVE, suddenly, and apparently without changing settings, you tube is not palying any sound.

The app works, the files in my NAS are played correctly, I haven’t changed anythig, but youtube doesn’t play audio.

Latest availabe firmware, optical connection, really cannot understand what’s going on. No audio through HDMI too.

Also harware has not changed, same AV receiver.

Thank you,



Have you tried testing the unit directly to the tv?

Also please try resetting the unit.

Thanks, no it was not working through HDMI too. But now is unesplicably working! I didn’t change anything, unless there’s been a background firmware update…

rutto wrote:

unless there’s been a background firmware update…

not likely … the WDTV Live & Live Plus has been discontinued for years :wink:

last firmware update was January 2013

I’ve found that youtube does not work if audio is set to surround sound 5.1, try setting your audio to stero and see if that helps

THe same thing happened to me. I had to reset the unit to factory, without changing online subscriptions and everything worked.