No Sound on services

Hi. I have a WDTV live setup, sound works fine wing vhen watching videos, got output set to optical and all works fine. However I have no sound when watching “Services” ie Youtube, BBC Iplayer or the like. Cannot figure out why. Firmware is all up to date.

can anyone help please.

Hello, try rolling back the firmware to an older version and check if the problem continues. You can also try pressing the reset button. 

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live HD Media Player or WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player

Did rolling back the firmware to an earlier version help this issue? I have a similar problem except I can hear audio from Pandora, but not from Netflix OR Youtube. I’ve tried every “solve” on the internet except the roll back.

I dont want to roll back unless this will actually fix my problem.


I’m Experiencing the same thing.  Video’s from attached hard drives work fine.  Netflix has no sound?

Newest firmware as well.  I am goin gto try to roll back tomorrow.  I had intermittent sound before and after playing with the stop start of the video it started but not now.

I also have an LG DVD player and it has no issues whatsoever.

Using HDMI passthrough with a soundbar.  Cables removed and plugged back in  etc…   All my files on hard drives working fine.