No sound on optical port. WDtV live

Connected WD TV Live box with LCD TV using HDMI. Audio is OK - only 2Ch. stereo. 

Also connected the box to my Denon receiver with Optical cable. No Audio whatsoever - experimented with all settings, even rebooting after each setting change. With some settings, I lose audio on TV (HDMI) as expected. But still no audio from the Denon. Denon detects the optical signal, indicates DTS pro logic II, but still no sound. 

Also other problems

  1. Hiccups (every 2-3 seconds, DHUP DHP sound accompanied with white flashes on screen) when I play one local file, switch to another, or use online services - in atleast 50% cases. Have to switch off and on to make it work again. 

  2. Remote app for Android never worked. Tried all settings - the box is not detected at all by any android phones, latest Kitkat, older 2.3, 4.x.

  3. UI is too sluggish too. 

Note - the firrmware was upgraded to latest when I installed it this week.  Video quality for local files is excellent, but missing surround capability, facing stability issues and limited remote functionality.   

Any help will be appreciated.  

Pulse wrote:

 indicates DTS pro logic II, but still no sound. 

Not sure what that means.  There’s no such thing as DTS Pro Logic II…   Pro Logic II is a Dolby technology, not a DTS technology.

If you’re not even getting sound when the WDTV is set to “Stereo,” then there’s something wrong with your hardware, optical cable, or configuration of your AVR.

In Stereo mode, 2-channel PCM is sent out ALL digital outputs and analog outputs simultaneously for audio formats for which downmixing is supported (which is almost all of them, with some exceptions on DTS HD variants.)

thanks for catching the typo. The text shown is Prologic II and not DTS prologic II. I tried using every option on WDTV Live box and also permutations on Denon receiver.

Here is an update: 

  1. Android Remote: I was able to get this working finally. During troubleshooting, I realized that I was unable to ping the WD device from the mobile due to some filters on my wireless router (default settings had wireless virtual partition enabled). I cleared the filters, and the Android app was able to see the WD TV Live device. It does take a while for the WD appliance to show up on the mobile after I turn on the App, but still ok. Although the App can put the WD device to standby mode with the power button, it cannot wake it up once put into sleep. Maybe the WD app powers off the network modules. 

  2. The frequency of flashing on screen accompanied with Dhup Dhup sound has now reduced. I think it happens only when I play certain MP3 (320Kbps), FLAC, MKV or AVI files with more than 720p and switch between them, or start the Youtube, Deezer or any other online service after playing any media files. I am still observing to find out the specific conditions when this happens repeatedly. 

  3. Sound issue: I guess the problem with the optical port is resolved. However, I have noticed another strange behavior. After paring the WD device with my android mobile on Youtube, whenever I play start any video from Youtube app on android, the sound volume drops to some default level, although the volume control shows full volume. When I reduce the volume, the volume suddenly increases, and from there onwards, the volume button on android app / mobile works fine. 

  4. Another note: I always had to disconnect and re-connect the Youtube app on mobile to the WD device after playing every video, until I fixed the issue 1 above. Now the pairing works superb and stable after I removed the filter on wireless router, and when the mobile can directly ping the WD device via wireless. 

In the quick start manual, WD should mention about the checking the local network connectivity. 

I wish the UI was faster. 

BTW, any idea how do I change the delete / add my real favorites in the Services?