No SmartWare for 1 Terabyte Hard Drive(s)

  • Own two other WD External Hard Drives.  (320 GB, 500 GB.)
  • Recently purchased 1 TB External Hard Drive.
  • Saw that it did not have preinstalled SmartWare software.
  • Could not use SmartWare on my laptop to connect to the drive, even after formatting.  
  • Returned it, got same model.
  • Same problem on new External Drive.

On the box, it states you can, in fact, use the password protection and whatnot, so I am assuming this is some sort of holiday season mishap.  Luckily not a huge one, as the drives do, in fact, work.  It is aggrivating that you are not getting entirely what you pay for.  (Password protection, defragmenting, encryption.)  

Anyone else having similar problems or know of solutions?

What the model number for the external drive that you are getting?

One thing is password protection and another thing is the WD Smartware backup software

If you are looking to install the security on the drive, make sure that you download the WD security softare.

Check the link below, you will be able to select the WD Security for windows and for Mac

Ragdexx, thank you for your solution.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  I truly appeciate your helpfulness.  Next stop, to find something that will regularly defragment this new drive, seeing as how the SmartWare software does not seem to work with this drive.