No Signal on TV

Had my WD LIVE box for about a year, had no issues with it at all until last night when I tried to use it but it won’t connect to the TV. I changed the source channel on my TV to go to the WD (HDMI2)  like always but there was just a black screen with a “no signal” logo bouncing around, so I checked all the connections and all were fine, HDMI, ethernet and power.

When I first plug it in I get a black screen with “Connecting” and then it switches to “No Signal”. 

I tried two different HDMI cables to see if the HDMI was the issue, these other two cables work fine on the Xbox and TIVO but I get no signal with the WD LIVE box, so three hdmi cables tested with it in total and none work with it.

I tried the reset button, nothing changed. I get one solid, white light with it when it’s turned on (on the left) but can’t get it to show on the TV. 

Any ideas? Out of warranty so can’t send it back. 

Try the analog cables?