No progress in backup?

I have a new 1 tb wd portable drive, and I am trying to  backup 450 GB for the first time. I have been running it for days, but all i get is an occassional spurt of  30 GB and it just sits there.  I have found if I restart the pc everynow and then it adds a little bit, but  now at 120 GB it is been stalled for ever.  What is happening?  What is to be done?

Keep in mind that WD Smartware will do the backup everytime that your computer goes to stand by.

I was experiencing something like that.

Now what i did was the following… 

first I stopped the backup then I went to settings and I disable the automatic backup, then I safely removed the drive from the computer and restated the computer, I plugged the drive back in… I oppened the software and clicked on start backup again. The unit scanned my computer and completed the backup.

That worked for me, you can try this. :manvery-happy:

Thanks for reply.  I am not sure what you mean by automatic backup?  I could find nothing in settings. I am wondering is there some way to start all over agian.  At the moment it just doesn’t continue the backup.  it is just stuck. I have done diagnostics but says it is OK.

Also, I cannot get an OK to safely remove hardware, ever.  I end up turning the pc off.

At the moment when I go to Backup in Smartware, it says “partial backup accomplished” but there is no further activity even though I have selected “continue backup”.

I have gone back to the pc and deleted a lot of large files, and now the backup is progressing.  Rather defeats the purpose.  Have you ever wtached the Backup in Smartware?  Most of the numbers “data for backup”, "data backedup "  “additional files” “xxx.xx GB Free” don’t make any sense, don’t relate sensibly to each other, and don’t reflect anything I can see is taking place or measuring what is or isn’t in the pc or the drive. Someone really needs to ask, what is it actually showing?