No photos, no thumbnails in wd2go and mycloud "no photo found touch to refresh"

Helo I removed from one house to second. and I have new router I connected Mycloud to the router and it is works… But not ideal

When I am using Android WD My Cloud

  • I don’t have thumbnails of JPGs
  • when I click tab PHOTOS in Mycloud app i have info "no photo found touch to refresh

When I am using WD2GO i have acces to files but I don’t see thumbnails

When I am using WD PHOTOS I can not see thumbnails (only icons) and when I click on photo I have info " INVALID REQUEST"

There is many similar situations with WD MYCLOUD described here but I can not find any solution.
Could you help me ? Now my disc is useless because I am photographer and I have to see thumbnails

it is impossible also to see jpgs via WD2GO

Any ideas ?


Have you tried a reset and/or power cycle?

I tried reset everythig, i reinstalled all aps.
What do does mean “power cycle”? Could you write little bit more ?
Thank you for reply