No Network Devices were discovered - HELP!

I better begin at the beginning.

My WD ShareSpace has been working beautifully for some time, until today.  I bought a Netgear EVA9100 Entertainer only to discover that the Entertainer cannot see the ShareSpace.  A look through sonme forums and I discover that the WD Sharespace has a new Firmware upgrade that fixes this problem.  Great I say, I’ll up date the firmware.  When I go to update I get errors and no update occurs.  I discover that the WD Discovery also has an update so I think I better update that first then do the firmware…

After updating the WD Discovery I log back in and try again the Firmware update, but to no avail, I discover the the guys at WD have pulled the firmware update as they are tweaking it.  **bleep**, I will have to wait until then before I can use my Netgear Entertainer.  But than something interesting happens.

The WD discovery no longer sees the ShareSpace, “No Network Devices were discovered…”

More reading of these forums and I try the following things…

  1. I ring WD support, and after an hour on the phone I am told that I have to ring back between 8am-10am and ask for level 2 support as he can no longer help me (I am in Australia and he was in the Domenican Republic!)

  2. Ping works fine and return positive responses

  3. Click Network in Explorer shows the WD ShareSpace as present and installed, but no access can be given as the drive is not present??

  4. When using Netscan (as recommended in a forum post) it also discovers that the WD ShareSpace is present, but again when selected I get an unable to connect error.

  5. The router sees the WD Sharespace and the ports are all clear

  6. McAfee also has the correct permissions and there are no problems there

All the lights are green, the router is working fine, it seems to be connected to the network as far as can be seen but no access, either through the web interface or through the WD Discovery.

I need some help, PLEASE.  I have 3TB of data on the WD ShareSpace and I need access to it every day.

Thanks in Advance

the explanation seems way more complicated than the problem.

care to explain it in a simpler format? listing out your components and methods of connection?

No matter.  Got to Level 2 Support and the problem seems to be either:

  1. The high end ShareSpace OS is corrupted = ShareSpace is a Paper Weight

  2. One or more of the Drives has failed and are no longer readable

In either case, the only fix is to send the drives to a data recovery expert to see if I can get my data back.  Once this is completed, reformat drives and replace in ShareSpace, it may be possible that the ShareSpace will do its thing and start working again, then again it may not.

Did you try power cycling the drive - turning it off and back on again?

Powered Down, Factory Reset…spent over an hour on the phone with Level 1 support and then another 30 minutes or so with Level 2.

I am having a similar problem - however slightly more complicated - my netgear eva9150 initially on the set up program was set up to stand alone, not wired - hence i coulnt see it - once it was connected it worked fine.

needed full reboot afterwards, but it was the netgear not the WD that was causing the problem - after that it works just fine.

I cant however see either my western digital TV or my western digital my world 2tb - i dont know if it a problem with my linksys router settings, or the belkin gigabit switch i have.

I think it is the router settings - can anyone help with what they should be to automatically detect external drives? (sorry to piggyback onto your thread too!)

Final Result from Data Recovery: 

  • The OS is corrupted.
  • Data is retrievable
  • Cost AU$1000

Thanks Western Digital.