No moviesheet, just thumbnails

Hi - got my WD live last week and have been playing around with the various themes and moviesheets around. Many thanks to the hard work of many to making them look so good!

I am now stuck however with the moviesheets for TV shows and the individual episodes. The films show up perfectly but for  tv episodes all I get is the thumbnails - not the moviesheets. I followed all the instructions in the Black Mamba manual and have generated the moviesheet fine - I can see it on my PC perfectly - but it will not display on the WD. I’ve watched it go through all the available thumbnails but eventually it just repeats without ever showing xxx.avi-sheet.jpg

I’m running the latest firmware along with the surreal theme 2.2.  Any help would be most appreciated as I’ve tried for ages without luck to get it showing!

DeVicious can help you with that one, sent a PM to her.

You need to make sure that you movies xml contains the moviesheet.

If you open the xml it should have this in it:


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Thank you - that worked! I’m not sure why it didn’t put it in automatically though? Is there a setting for it somewhere - I keep scrutinising the guide but can’t see what I’ve done wrong.

Under “Options”, select the “Movie info” tab, then in the drop down box under Store cover/backdrops… select “Store links to moviesheets (the current settings for moviesheets will be used)”.