No more update for EX2 (non ultra)?


All MyCloud have regular update but nothing for the EX2 non ultra. Is it an abandoned product ?


Hi, as far as I know, the EX is not an abandoned product, the update timeline is different for each drive and that’s the reason why one drive might have sooner/more updates than another. You may contact support and ask them if they know anything about an update for your drive.

A new firmware is going to be released soon to provide compatibility with the latest MacOS Sierra. So yes, EX2/4 simply it have a different timeline.


BUMP! Can’t backup for a week now!

Support for the EX2 has been lacking compared to other models. There have been a few updates to the EX2 Ultra, but the EX2 has been left in the dust based on EX2 updates for about a year (none).

No more updates?