"No more space" when there's obivously space

Hi all! I was trying to have use Tranmission to get some torrents yesterday and it started complaining there was no more disk space to download, while actually there’s around 700Gb of unused space. I was thinking it was something with Transmission and used my desktop client to do so.

Now I was upgradin my Plex Media Server and during the installation, it complained again that there was no space left for install. Anybody experiencing this? Any ideas?

My guess is you’ve got Transmission configured to store downloads in one of the root partitions instead of a datavolume partition.

Not really, it is configured to store on the default /Transmission folder. That is another annoying thing, configuration changes are not persistent. Not sure if I am using the best version, using 1.05, the one that is available to install from the admin interface. Is there any other version I can install? Or other torrent client?

Well, if the default is EXPLICITLY set to “/Transmission”, then it IS in the root partition, not the datavolume partion.

The root partition is very, very small.

Enable ssh
Login and post the results to the following commands

df -h

df -i

root@WDMyCloudEX2 root # df -h
Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
%root% 54.2M 30.2M 21.2M 59% /
/dev/ram0 54.2M 30.2M 21.2M 59% /
mdev 248.4M 64.0K 248.3M 0% /dev
ubi0:config 12.2M 772.0K 10.8M 7% /usr/local/config
/dev/loop0 93.9M 93.9M 0 100% /usr/local/modules
tmpfs 1.0M 0 1.0M 0% /mnt
tmpfs 40.0M 2.3M 37.7M 6% /var/log
tmpfs 100.0M 3.0M 97.0M 3% /tmp
/dev/sda4 944.9M 160.4M 784.5M 17% /mnt/HD_a4
/dev/sdb4 944.9M 17.3M 927.6M 2% /mnt/HD_b4
/dev/md1 1.8T 1.1T 666.8G 63% /mnt/HD/HD_a2
root@WDMyCloudEX2 root # df -i
Filesystem Inodes Used Available Use% Mounted on
%root% 14336 3786 10550 26% /
/dev/ram0 14336 3786 10550 26% /
mdev 7949 141 7808 2% /dev
ubi0:config 0 0 0 0% /usr/local/config
/dev/loop0 30939 30939 0 100% /usr/local/modules
tmpfs 0 0 0 0% /mnt
tmpfs 0 0 0 0% /var/log
tmpfs 20000 100 19900 1% /tmp
/dev/sda4 258048 16740 241308 6% /mnt/HD_a4
/dev/sdb4 258048 21 258027 0% /mnt/HD_b4
/dev/md1 121831424 342081 121489343 0% /mnt/HD/HD_a2
root@WDMyCloudEX2 root #

my main problem with the official transmission app is that configuration changes are not persistant. Where can I change the config on the cfg file directly?

Also, I just found out transmission is keeping a copy of every thing that Sonarr is downloading on the /Transmission folder… Sonarr is moving them to their proper folder, the torrents are removed from Transmission, but for some reason Transmission keeps a copy of everything. Man I am beginning to hate this Transmission version.