No more space - how expand?

Hi, My Cloud has no free space anymore. So can somebody give me ani advice, what is the best way, how expand space? I want some another WD HDD (2TB or more)…

So what is best to connect? Elements, My Book, Passport, …?

Thanks for all answers

Attach a external USB hard drive to the USB port on the back of the WD My Cloud. Problem solved.

Note however that when one attaches a external USB hard drive to the My Cloud that the entire drive shows up as a single Share within the dashboard which may be a problem for some users who want to password protect sub Shares within that external USB hard drive to separate Users.

The other option, which will void the warranty is to disassemble the WD My Cloud and replace the internal hard drive with a larger hard drive. One can follow one of the “unbricking” threads that detail how to replace the WD My Cloud internal hard drive. A search of this subforum will yield several unbricking threads.