No media on drive-newbie problem

I’ve read the discussions regarding DLNA vs shared drives and don’t understand most of the disussion. I’ve also read that other people get the “no media on drive” that I’m getting. Please help a newbie out.

I just got my WDTV Play and hooked it up. I don’t care the smallest amount about streaming netflix, etc. All I want to do is play 60+ GB of ripped CD’s through my home theater. The files are located on my laptop (windows 7) hard drive. Part of the time I see everything and the WDTV Play works wonderfully. Then there are the times it won’t. Can’t figure out what is different when the WAV files aren’t there.

On those occasions when the music files don’t show up, I don’t see the public library on my laptop, just the network name and the no media content message.

It appears you need to acquire the complete manual for the Play, and a couple of weeks I ago I tried to help all you newbies out by posting this message: 

New Users: Start off right, and get user manual he… - Western Digital

A lot of your questions will be answered by the manual.

Well…I do have the manual and no…it doesn’t answer my question. Not even close.

I saw a snarky response from you to someone else and hoped to avoid provoking you. Not possible I guess.

You did not “provoke me” nor did you receive a snarky remark – you received real help.  I gave you a link to download the complete manual.  What’s not to like about that for help?  Person X, basically wanted users here to do the research and shopping for him/her, and that’s why they got a snarky remark.   I am mostly very helpful and nice to folks here – unless they are demonstrably lazy and want the folks here to do their basic research for them.  I can be a bit impatient with those types. You were not that way, and like I said, you got help. YOU figured out what product to buy, but now your are having problems getting it to work correctly for you.  Understandable.

Anyway, are you trying to reach the WAV music on your PC drive via the WD menu for  “media servers” link or “network shares” link?  It makes a difference in how your question gets answered further.

One more thought before signing out for now:  You said it works OK sometimes, and not others.  Well, if you are using wireless connections, and the signal between the units is marginally weak, then sometimes the two units cannot always keep in touch with one another (or the router), so it makes sense that your WD gives the error message it gives once in a while. 

So, question:  Are your units connected wirelessly or wired to the network?

If you are using wireless, then your units and the router likely all need to be closer to one another.

Mike, the Play has no such menu. It doesn’t support network shares.

Thanks for the clarification, Tony.  I suppose I should RTM as well!  But, since I do not have a Play, it is not “required reading” for me!   :wink:

So, what do you think the OP’s problem is caused by?  Do you concur with my comments regarding the wireless issue. and/or can you add more?

I’m now having same issue…I had the Play for about a month and I am now having a similar issue…I’m using windows 7 and using Ps3 media server to stream local content to my play…I can no longer view my folder of MKV video files…I keep getting the error “no media on drive”…I just had added my 60th backup movie file when this started…if I remove any 1 of the video files…(leaving me with 59 shared files) I no longer get the error and can stream the video files just fine…I also have 2 other folders that I share…of family photos and music…both folders both contain well over 200 files each…no problem at all streaming them…just my video folder when I hit the 60th file???

I actually just figured it out…it was a issue on the Playstation media server…had to scan all the files in my shared folders that I had selected on the media server…I been using the PSM media server for a few years now…never had to to that before…No problems now…I love the Play media players…I have 2 of them…I like the interface alot better that the Live models (3rd gen) that I had…especially since I can customize what apps I want on my favorite home screen…and its also much quicker…:smileyvery-happy: