No media in folder

So brand new to WD TV: Totally lost here, i am currently just trying to play my media on my new WDTV Plus. I have the wdtc hooked to my 1080 via an hdmi cable, and i have my 2 TB WD Mybook hooked into the back of the WDTV player.  When i open the USB screen and select it when i try to open a folder or anything else i get the prompt “there is no media in the folder” Please please please help…i have been fighting this machine for two days now after i decided wireless and tversity werent for me. My files in the 2 TB WD Mybook are avi /mp4…what do i need to do?

Went thru every settings feature i could access…no luck.

WDTV reads that there is a USB drive attached (2 TB WD My Book) all folders and selectable items come up with a “No media in current folder” still. All the reviews i read said “easy to use” “set up in minutes”…im having no such luck.

Sounds like you may have already done this but try to clear your media library. I had moved a file from a folder of “movies to watch” to an archive folder, both on the internal hard drive. The unit had to think much longer than I knew to be healthy. When it finished the transfer, I got the “no media available” message despite having over 100 movies there. I could see them in file mode but not in the media library. Clearing the library fixed the problem.