No Media in Current Folder

Ok this is just not painless…frustration level high.

Just added a DNS-320 NAS,  I can access it from every PC an laptop in the house, when I select  Network Share on the HUB , t sees it , asks for login and password, it connects and then says “no media in current folder”   arrrghhhh

annoying, a little help would be good, thanks

If you provided an “incorrect” user ID and password, the DNS may have logged you in as “Guest,” and thus you only see the public shares.

There were LOTS of problems with the D-Link DNS series NAS boxes earlier this year, but I don’t recall specifics.   You might search that model # for specifics.

Finally, check the DLink’s logs to see if they offer any help.

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thank you, I found that leaving the login blank /anonymous worked. appreciated