No media in current folder - music only?


I am running 2 Win7 x64 Home Premium laptops serving to a WD Live HD connected directly to the router.  My issue is that music from one of the laptops being served cannot be sourced from the server by the WD Live HD unit. I get a “no media found in the current folder” error whenever I try and source music from that one laptop. Photos and video are able to be accessed from that computer. I can also use the “play to” function to push the content including music to the WD device.    I can access all media on the server via my network shares, just not through the server.  

I’m pretty sure that all the settings on both computers are the same!

I have the latest official firmware loaded on the WD Live HD and have tried reseting the WD Live HD to factory settings.

Please help!

Have you  tried to create a shortcut in the shared folder  

no i haven’t.  but where is the shared folder?