No media available on Verbatim USB flash drive after standby

Hi all,

After powering off (into standby) my WDTV,  trying to subsequently access the content on my Verbatim Store N Go USB flash drive displays that “No media available” error message.

A hard power off or re-inserting the USB drive solves the problem. All my other Sandisk and Lexar flash drives work fine after standby, so I assume this is some kind issue with the Verbatim one. Has anyone seen this problem and is there any way to fix it?


What is the file format on that flash drive?

I haven’t test that brand but I have encountered any issues with multiple USB flash drives on my media player.

Hi, thank you for responding.

The file format is FAT32. I’ve also formatted it as NTFS and that produced the same results. It’s as if the drive was going to sleep (like a HDD), but it’s a flash drive so it doesn’t quite make sense!

This is a link to the exact flash drive I have: