Hello Gang!

Just bought the Hub for a relative with a 3TB drive and no matter what I do…I can’t get the hub to recognize it.  Just rolled back to 2.07… and no luck!

Odd thing is I can still my 3TB drive after rolling back firmware with no issues.

Any thoughts???

Hi I bought a 3TB wd my book essentials drive and it works like a charm with firmware 2.06.10. No need for me to updrade firmware when it works on this one. Loading tme is much faster also with just the one drive attached to it.

The HUB being able to read larger than 2TB drives was fixed in version 2.06.10 as stated in the release notes:

Version 2.06.10:
Resolved Issues:
• Supports WD Photos - mobile access application.
• Supports Picasa - web albums application.
• Supports casual games: Cosmox, Memory, Rockswap Adventures and Sudoku.
• Supports USB hard drives greater than 2TBs.
• Resolved user interface brightness issue introduced with last release.
• Resolved Hebrew subtitles not displaying correctly.
• Resolved several Facebook user interface issues.
• Resolved several TuneIn Radio user interface issues.
• Resolved several CinemaNow user interface issues.
• Resolved MKV files causing the picture to disappear when subtitles enabled.
• Resolved DVD resume is broken if media library is off.
• Resolved Deezer green filter hot-key not responding.
• Resolved several folder lock issues.

Therefore any version thereafter should work the same.  At least until they introduce a bug that breaks it again.:wink:

no it is reading it but it is writing garbage on the boot sequence. You need to disconnect it and put it on your computer, if you are lucky your computer is recognizing the HDD and you can run a scan disk., delete the .wd_tv folder and reconnect it to the hub it will work.

Most likely your computer won’t recognize it anymore, which means you need to connect and disconnect it until your computer finds it, if it is the same as with my drives there is a chance that you have to turn it on and off 20-50 times

more about that here