No login to dashboard after firmware upgrade

I’m running a MyCloud Mirror (1st Gen) with two 2 TB disks in Raid 1 operation for about 2-3 years. Remaining space is low (around 100 GB). Usually I’m operating the MyCloud directly via ethernet cable at my iMAC to store pictures. When the operation LED started to light red I shut the Cloud down, attached the Cloud to my router and started a firmware update. First the upgrade seemed to be ok, but since then I’m no longer able to access the dashboard. Error message: “Login timed out. Please login again.” A reset of the cloud was successful (attempt to login without password), but the error message is still the same. First the red LED turned blue, but after overnight operation it turned red again. The only positive: Access to my data is still possible as guest. Is there a known solution for this problem? I.e., is it possible to start a firmware update without access to to the dashboard?

@EMoe The RED LED occurs because the My Cloud is filled to over 95% capacity.
More information can be found in the article listed below.

Solid and Blinking Red Power and Drive LED Status on a My Cloud

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The Login Time Out on Safari browser is caused by a Bonjour issue found in 2.31.193 firmware that will be corrected in a future release. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

My Cloud Dashboard Login Time Out Safari Browser

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Thank you very much for your fast feedback.

I used Firefox as an alternative browser on my iMac and got access to
the dashboard.

After deleting files, there are now 107 GB free space and the LED turned

Already before I ordered a bigger sized My Cloud EX2 Ultra 2-Bay 8
System, which arrived today.

Kind regards

Ewald Moersen