"no internet connection" on 5 g network on the hardrive, but connects fine to 2.4

Video playback is laggy when trying to view video from my wireless pro hd when viewing on both my laptop and my phone. I read that it may be improved when you connected to the 5.4 network on the wireless drive. However, when I do this it says it doesn’t have an internet connection… Any ideas for solutions? thanks for your help! Will return soon if I can’t figure it out.

Here is the Wi-Fi best practice article that may help - https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/8421/kw/wireless

If connected directly (not going through a router) from your phone/laptop to the MPW, the 5GHz Wi-Fi network can deliver high bandwidth than the 2.4GHz. Unless your video is extremely high bitrate, otherwise it should stream fine especially to a computer. You can do a simple file transfer to test out the speed. Just to note, sometimes the video playback performance also depends on the media player software you use and pending how it handles the video decoding. I would try VLC on the computer to test it out.

I am now able to connect to the 5ghz network and see my media but it is still laggier than it should. I am viewing 2.7 k videos that are 30 secs in length and am sitting acroos the room from the device. Any ideas to test/troubleshoot the speed? Thanks again!

When it comes to wireless, there are many things can effect the overall user experience. There are various online tutorials online via 3rd party. I would check the items used and start rule them out one by one. For example:

  • Make sure the client device used handle 11AC speed
  • Is the client device getting good file transfer throughput over Wi-Fi with MPW directly?
  • Are all the client devices getting poor throughput?
  • Is there any surrounding item that may interfere with the Wi-Fi?
  • Is the distance/range an issue?
  • Is the wireless channel used clear or try switching to another?
  • Is there any add-on software on the client device that may block network traffic or cause poor throughput?
  • can the video player used in the client device playback the video (without using Wi-Fi)

Hope this helps.