No hdmi signal

Hello guys… I’ve a wdtv live and i’ve a problem.

It never had problems, until now…

Infact when i turn on it with HDMI, i display the string “NOT SIGNAL”.

With AV cable e composite there are no problems.

It has always worked with HDMI, but not today… :frowning:

I’ve latest fw…


Hello I have the same problem sometimes when i power on the wdtv tv show me no signal
I must unplug hdmi câble and replug it…2 Times or more and it works again
Firmware 1.06.5 ( last one) Sony tv kdl32ex402
Thanks In advance

I have the WDTV Live Hub and output via HDMI. I noticed that after I upgraded to firmware version > 2.06.10, the HDMI signal output was no longer working.

I had not thought to check the output from the composite video and thought the unit was dead so I went through the whole RMA process.

Upon receiving the new one, I (stupidly), upgraded it to the latest firmware only to the face the same issue, except the HDMI was intermittent and the one time I did get the HDMI signal, I immediately downgraded the unit back to 2.06.10

I followed the info below to get firmware 2.06.10 which I know works for HDMI output. For some reason, all firmware versions that I have tried after this version have caused the HDMI signal to no longer output!…

Firmware Ver. 2.06.10

I’m very surprised that WD has not found this issue with their latest firmwares. Perhaps they are not testing with HDMI output :slight_smile:

There have been a lot of problems with HDMI and certain TVs. When this problem occurs, try using the composite output (to see the video) and manually set the resolution/frequency and color space. When I turn on my Live Plus, the HDMI output frequently comes up set to a resolution that my TV does not support. I have to use the composite output, go into the WD setup and manually set the resolution and color space, then switch back to the HDMI output. It works fine until the next time that I power the WD box off and on, then I am back where I started with the HDMI output not syncing with my TV.