No group tab in user section


I suddenly find out that there is no group tab in the user section of my my cloud dashboard, so I am not able to create group and assign user into group. Is there anything wrong? Also my web portal login page does not seems to be OS5 (still the old OS3 page). But the dashboard does show the current firmware is 5.19.117.

See the User tab. Per the My Cloud OS5 User Manual - Groups.

Viewing Groups

  1. On the Navigation bar, click Users to display the Set Up User screen.
  2. Click Groups .


  1. To view group details, click a group name on the left pane. The group profile appears.

I know these, I read the manual. And that’s why there is this thread. check the following snaps, you will see there are lots of weird things on this Chinese version web portal. I tried to switch to the English version, but failed. I doubt the portal is shipped with the firmware, and there is something wrong with this Chinese version 5.19.117. Is it possible for me the re-update the firmware with the English version?

firmware 5.19.117

missing group sub tab in user

missing shutdown, missing local nas backup, missing remote backup

Try performing a 40 second reset if you haven’t done so already.

My Cloud OS 5: How to Reset a My Cloud OS 5 Device

Note the My Cloud Dashboard is different than the web portal. The My Cloud Dashboard is what you should be accessing from the same local network as the My Cloud.

My Cloud OS 5: How To Access the AdminUI Dashboard

Tried this 40s reset, using English version now, but still the same. No group, no shutdown, no internal backup, no remote backup. Grouping, shutdown, internal backup, remote backup, these are the very basic functions a NAS should provide, I can hardly believe mycloud being not.

First, some of the things you complain about (backup options) are provided by Apps that one installs through the My Cloud Dashboard App tab. See the following WD OS5 Support links.

Much more OS5 support here:

If the My Cloud Dashboard has been corrupted and is missing various options or features, perhaps reinstalling the current firmware for your device would fix those issues. One can download and manually install the latest My Cloud OS5 My Cloud firmware. For the single bay/single drive second gen My Cloud see the following Support link where one can download the latest OS5 firmware.

I read these manuals. However, after doning this 40s reseting thing, my question would be

" does the single bay/single drive second gen My Cloud have the same functions as the manual described"

To my point view, it is more likely the single bay/single drive second gen My Cloud has its special simplified firmware version, and the manual is not appliable. Solving the red light issue already caused me lots of trouble. I am seeking help here because the manual is not trustworthy.

BTW, there is nothing in my App stores, so there is nothing be to installed about, FYI

The My Cloud OS5 User Manual is a general use document. It is not tailored to a specific model. As was the case with the OS3 (v2.x firmware) for the single bay second gen My Cloud there were features and options that the multi bay My Cloud models supported that the single bay model does not. Primarily this is due to the different hardware (Processor/RAM) used across the various models. Same is true for OS5. There are certain features and options that were not carried forward from OS3 to OS5. There are certain features and options the single bay second gen My Cloud does not support. This includes certain third party apps not being available on the OS5 single bay My Cloud. One can read the following WD Knowledge Base article to see which apps are not supported by their OS5 My Cloud model.

My Cloud OS 5: 3rd Party Apps Matrix

Did the second gen single bay My Cloud have a Group option in OS3? There doesn’t appear to be any mention of a Group option in the OS3 second gen single bay My Cloud user manual. If the option was not available under OS3 for the single bay model then it likely is not available under OS5. The following WD Knowledge Base article on Groups does not list the single bay My Cloud model in the “Applied Products” section.

How To Create User Groups on a My Cloud

If strange things are happening with the OS5 firmware one should start by manually reinstalling the latest firmware as a troubleshooting step.

There are now two My Cloud web portals for remote access, the older OS3 portal and the new OS5 portal. Make sure to select the correct one if using OS5. Here is the direct link to the OS5 web portal login page.

I believe, at least, the manual is wrong about the internal backup and remote backup availiability on my single bay. from the manual ( 3rd Party Apps Matrix) , it clearly shows:

however, in my single bay dashboard there is no where I can find internal backups or remote backups, see from my previous reply.

Also, as setting group is the very basic functionality of user authorization control, I am very disappointed and suprised to find out single bay my cloud being called a NAS but without it.

I decide to turn to other NAS choise like synology from now on.

As indicated those backup options are supposed to be installed using the Apps tab. If one’s App Store isn’t showing any available apps then one may want to see the following WD Knowledgebase article.

No Available Apps on a My Cloud

My Cloud OS 5: Download and Install 3rd Party Apps Manually

Note: WD seems to have a typo on the manually install 3rd party apps page in the Download Binary File section. I assume one would use the file in the first item that is incorrectly titled “My Cloud Mirror Gen2:” for their single bay My cloud model. The file link:

The single bay/single drive My Cloud models are feature and hardware limited. They are very basic NAS devices. Many, partly or entirely due to the OS5 transition and the many issues people are facing with OS5, have moved on to using Synology, QNAP and other vender’s NAS’s.

Edit to add: Direct links for a second gen single bay My Cloud to the app files one can download and manually install on the App tab’s “Install an app manually” option. These links were pulled directly from the GZA_WDMyCloudG2.json link above per the directions in the above 3rd party app install knowledgebase link.


Internal Backups

iTunes Server

Remote Backups

Twonky Server

USB Backups