No Further Firmware Support For EX2?

It appears that WD has discontinued any further firmware support for the EX2. I guess I should be happy they supported it as long as they did… This drive has proven to be quite the blunder on my part for purchasing it. At least I made one correct decision by also buying a QNAP at the same time. (Which is still being well supported I might add)

What version of QNAP did you get?

TS251+ I now only use the WD EX2 to back-up the QNAP. If I had it to do over again I would just purchase the TS451+ but I didn’t want all of my cookies in the same basket and WD has proven me to be correct in that. I will however say that I still use all WD Red drives in both.

Perhaps WD should stick to their core business and leave the application of their hardware to those willing to support it long term.

Are you sure about this? Since your post, there was an update to v2.11.153 (dated Thursday, 2016 November 17, 13:30:25).

Where did you get the information that there would be no more firmware updates? This is important to me as I have reported a serious bug in the firmware to WD just a couple of months ago, which they tested and confirmed, and assured me that it will be addressed in a new firmware release. 2.11.153 did not address the bug, so I’m waiting for the update that fixes it!

JIC interested: the bug relates to the EX2 not being able to recognise a single disk of a 2-disk RAID-1 array, after you install a different 2-disk RAID-1 array into the enclosure.

The upshot (found out the hard way) is, if one of your RAID-1 disks fails, replace it immediately - ie. do not be tempted to remove it temporarily while you use the same enclosure for a different 2-disk array in the meantime. If you try to do that (as I did) the EX2 will no longer recognise your one good remaining functional disk any more, and you will not be able to rebuild your array when you get your new disk.