No folder-pictures

Hello and sorry about my bad English.

I have got a wdtvlive and a synology ds111. Everything works well, except the folder-pictures.

For example in the video-mode. I take the option “video”, then the option “networkshare” (Netzwerkfreigabe), then the DS111,  all folder pictures are there, everything all right.  Taking the option video, then  “Medienserver” (instead of networkshare), then DS111, there are no folder-picture.

The disadvantage taken the way over the networkshare is, in this case there are all files listed, the film- an videofiles, but also the picture-files like jpg. with all these pictures (videofiles and picture-files) the screen is confusing.

But why doesn’t it work in the option “Medienserver”? Is it an networkproblem or a networkerror? Or is the WDTVLIve not able to work together with the Medienserver of the Synology?

It’s a limitation of the DLNA / Mediaserver functionality.