No files will play - black screen

I have a first gen model. I can see the files but when I select the screen gose black. I have tried resetting and upgrading firmware. I have a mixture of MKV, AVU and MPG4, none will play. I have managed to get one or two files to play after a reset but then it goes back to the black screen. Also, I was using a Mac Journaled drive which was working fine before resetting the  player. Now it tells me that although journaled is not supported it will play back. But it won’t apart from the odd file after a reset.  I have tried fat and ex fat drives. Fat - same rexults. Ex fat - does not recognise or even try to read drive. Any ideas out there?



As a recommendation, run a factory reset on the unit through the unit interface.

Please see the following link for instructions on page 139-140

Hi, thanks but I did try that too. I think I’m doomed.